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Body Psychotherapy Consultation

In English or Portuguese - contacto

  • 1 h
  • zoom or skype

Service Description

More info: 🧠Are you tired of the endless cycle of traditional approaches to mental health? It's time to try something different, something that truly understands the mind-body connection. Introducing Sintese Psychotherapy - that takes into account all aspects of being human (mind, brain & body) helping you: 🧠 Naviagate mental health issues 🧠Rediscover your body and it´s resources embracing a new level of self-awareness. 🧠 Develop a greater sense of presence, grounding, and self-regulation. 🧠 Manage anxiety and stress in a resourceful by working with the body's natural stress response. 🧠Processing underlying emotions and unresolved issues 🧠 Developing a healthier relationship with you body, improving body image and self confidence 🧠Express and process emotions in a safe and healthy manner 🧠 Enhance your emotional resilience and find inner peace! 🧠 Process trauma in a transformative way 🧠 Improve relationships 🧠 Cultivate a positive body-mind connection and improve overall health! 💡 Why Sintese? 💡 Personalized Support: I want to understand each client in their process of being, living and being without judgments and preconceived views, so that I can provide the most appropriate support. Holistic Approach: We believe in addressing mental health from a whole-person perspective. By integrating the brain, mind and body, we help you tap into your innate healing abilities and create lasting transformation. Evidence-Based Techniques: I utilise proven techniques such as breathwork, movement, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing to help you reconnect with your body and harness its wisdom. Virtual Convenience: Sessions can be online from the comfort of your home Book your consultation now:

Cancellation Policy

All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancellled or rescheduled.

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