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In this workshop, I will be talking about neurodiversity amongst dancers and presenting you with ways to make your classes more neurodiversity friendly. How can you teach in a way that is effective to everyone who attends? How can you as a student make the most of your classes? It is our responsibility as dance tutors to ensure we support and welcome everyone who wants to dance. It is our responsibility to be informed and do better. Teaching dance is more than teaching movements, it is giving tools for body communication and create safe, inclusive environments to do so. People reach out to dance to feel better, to improve their overall wellbeing, and many times to help their health problems. We know how dance can help with various health issues, disabilities, mental illnesses. It is damaging, in my opinion, to create dance environments that do not target everyone. See the 'about' section for workshop samples. Duration is adjustable and prices are negotiable, any questions email:


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All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancellled or rescheduled.


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