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The recording will be available for 48 hours after the live session for those who cannot attend. We will be dismantling layers of being through movement and putting it all together in a new light. It is suitable for anyone struggling with body image issues. You do not need to be a dancer to attend. The thing is, to be able to love ourselves we must first go deeper to the root of the words. The iceberg is still there even if we melt its tip. Here, creative movement can help us unravel what is going on. Not only because movement accesses parts of us that words cannot but because movement is interrelated with our sense of self and how we think we look like! Self-education of movement will cause changes in self-image because the nervous system's ability to experience movement is linked with thoughts and feelings.


As soon as we explore new ways of moving, we are activating our organic instinctive and automatic mechanisms to activate and those need our awareness and attention to guide them. Therefore, in this workshop, I teach about body image, from the brain to the mind, and apply dance healing techniques that can help you reconstruct yourself. Knowledge that I developed from being a dancer, suffering from body dysmorphia, working as a mental health professional, and studying psychology, movement & neuroscience

Move into self-love - WATCH NOW

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