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This unique workshop delves into the neuroscience of aesthetics, guiding dancers to create performances that resonate deeply with their audience.


An immersive experience where we explore how the brain processes aesthetic experiences and how dancers can harness this knowledge to enhance their artistry. Through a blend of theoretical insights and practical exercises, participants will learn to create performances that evoke powerful emotional responses, making beauty a tangible, felt experience.


📅 8th of September
6 PM - 7.30PMUK Time
🌐 Online


What You'll Learn:


- The neuroscience behind aesthetic experiences and how the brain perceives beauty.
- Techniques to connect with your audience on an emotional level, creating performances that go beyond mere visual appeal.
- Practical exercises to develop a deeper sensory awareness and incorporate this into your dance practice.
- Methods to cultivate an embodied presence, making your movements more impactful and expressive.


Who Should Attend:

- Dancers and choreographers looking to deepen their understanding of the aesthetic experience.
- Performing artists interested in exploring the intersection of neuroscience and art.
- Dance educators seeking new approaches to teaching aesthetics and emotional expression.


Embodied Aesthetics: Creating impactful performances by making beauty a feeling

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