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Life coaching sessions -Marque consultas

In English or Portuguese - contacto

  • 40 minutes
  • zoom or skype

Service Description

Book here or contact - marque aqui ou contacte: ENG (tradução em Português mais a baixo) Unique techniques using verbal and non-verbal approaches. My dynamic as a Life Coach is based on all my experience and eclectic education with an integrated view of the human being in its biological, behavioral, psychological and spiritual aspects. Having had a complex and complicated life, many of the tools I provide have been my own survival mechanisms and determinants for success. ​I am experienced and educated on: grief, stress, self-confidence, resilence, improving mental health, anxiety, setting life goals. Above all, I want to understand each client in their process of being, living and being without judgments and preconceived views, so that I can then provide the most appropriate support. If we take all we are, all we lived and transform the scattered reactive energy into a coherent source of energy for problem solving and healing life can be transformed in ways we never imagine before. Consultation Structure 1. One free session 2. Sessions that involve: - Verbal and non-verbal techniques ( e.g. movement & breathing & imagining). 3. Tailored tools crafted for your needs (worksheets, mediations...) 4. 24/7 Email support between sessions. Life coaching is for anyone of any age, gender and background, but here are some reasons why one may seek it: lacking motivation, needing help with setting goals and achieving them, being lost and not sure what to do, wanting to improve mental well-being, wanting to reduce stress and anxiety, help dealing with grief and adapting to loss, having low self-esteem, wanting to improve life in general. PT Técnicas únicas usando abordagens verbais e não verbais. A minha dinâmica como Life Coach baseia-se em toda a minha experiência e formação eclética com uma visão integrada do ser humano nas suas vertentes biológica, comportamentais, psicológicas e espirituais. Tendo tido uma vida complexa e complicada, muitas das ferramentas que ofereço foram meus próprios mecanismos de sobrevivência e determinantes para o sucesso. Sou experiente e educada em: luto, estresse, autoconfiança, resiliência, melhoria da saúde mental, ansiedade, estabelecimento de metas de vida. Acima de tudo, quero entender cada cliente em seu processo de ser, viver e estar sem julgamentos e pré-conceitos, para então dar o suporte mais adequado. ​

Cancelation Policy

All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancellled or rescheduled.

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