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First free consultation

English or Portuguese. Suitable for everyone from any age, background and gender.

  • 45 minutes
  • zoom

Service Description

The most difficult step in the first one, so this free consultation step is all you need to start. In here I can clarify any questions and understand where you at and where you want to go. Unique techniques using verbal and non-verbal approaches. My dynamic as a Life Coach is based on all my experience and eclectic education with an integrated view of the human being in its biological, behavioral, psychological and spiritual aspects. The process of living life, the movement of being alive and being a living being is a process that begins in the first uterine cell until the present. All this needs to be taken into account when dealing with stressful circumstances, traumas, difficulties and specially when we attempt to improve our lives. Having had a complex and complicated life, many of the tools I provide have been my own survival mechanisms and determinants for success. ​I am experienced and educated on: grief, stress, self-confidence, resilence, improving mental health, anxiety, setting life goals. Above all, I want to understand each client in their process of being, living and being without judgments and preconceived views, so that I can then provide the most appropriate support. If we take all we are, all we lived and transform the scattered reactive energy into a coherent source of energy for problem solving and healing life can be transformed in ways we never imagine before. Consultation Structure 1. One free session 2. Free well-being and growth journal 2. One hour sessions that involve: - Verbal and non-verbal techniques ( e.g. movement & breathing & imagining). 3. Tailored tools crafted for your needs (worksheets, mediations...) 4. 24/7 Email support between sessions. Life coaching is for anyone of any age, gender and background, but here are some reasons why one may seek it: lacking motivation, needing help with setting goals and achieving them, being lost and not sure what to do, wanting to improve mental well-being, wanting to reduce stress and anxiety, help dealing with grief and adapting to loss, having low self-esteem, wanting to improve life in general.

Cancelation Policy

All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancellled or rescheduled.

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