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How does the brain produce dance? What is the impact of dance on the brain? The Neuroscience of Dance is the vessel through which I teach about the brain mechanisms of dance in a fun, engaging manner so that everyone can access and get the maximum benefits from dancing. Oftentimes, the focus in dance science and dance education is turned to the body, leaving behind it's connection to the mind and brain. Understanding the brain mechanisms in dance can improve performance, make classes more inclusive, prevent injury and optimize both learning and teaching. In the workshops I provide the theory in a dynamic fashion, always applying it to practice promoting embodied cognition and equipping dancers with easy-to-apply techniques. In a fast-paced world where we are often disconnected from ourselves, my focus is to use the body as a tool of learning and give the what and the how in a practical and interesting way. Part of the workshops is dedicated to initiating conversation and exchange insights. Experiencing and sharing experiences leads to greater knowledge that includes subjective and objective aspects of knowing. My approach is based on scientific evidence-based knowledge, my background in dance (performing, teaching), coaching, and mental health experience. By being embedded in academia and being an active student, I keep up-to-date with the most recent information in a constantly changing neuroscientific field.

Brain Mechanisms Workshop 8th October


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