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In English and Portuguese! I am a dance neuroscientist and a certified body psychoterapist with extensive experience and knowledge in dance therapy. Let´s make the most of the weather and dance in the nature. There will be free snacks 😊 This is suitable for everyone all ages and backgrounds including non dancers.


Meet up point is DejaVu café in campo grande. The event is 5 euros, that includes the dance class and some juice/snacks.



This class is based on my method: Dance Integrated Healing which is an evidence-based method embedded with the neuroscience, psychology, and the positive impact of dance on the brain, body, and mind. Its flexible gentle guided improvisation design makes this method suitable for everyone and ideal for those with limited mobility.


Rooted in the idea that dance is innate to everyone, it incorporates dance therapy aspects and emphasises various healing components of dance. It blends modern and ancient wisdom to create an integrated self by accessing physical and mental imbalances. It is a synthesis of purposeful intuitive practices where the body dances you.


A multi-pass access to the body and the ways movement can heal pushing you to tune in with the deepest layers of movement that slowly will turn into your own linguistic and healing motion because movement is our universal mother tongue and inherent healing power. All of this is added with neuroscientific explanations... of course.


This method was used in the Dutch Mental Health Association wellness programme and is suitable for anyone, including those suffering with: depression, anxiety, dementia, parkinson's, ADHD, MS, stroke recovery, chronic migraines, trauma.


This is what attendees are saying:


"I just want to share that I attended last time and I can say that I felt a weight lifting from my body and mind... I now apply the exercises daily and my mental well-being has improved a lot. If you struggle with migraines, anxiety, depression and other issues, this is a great way to relieve it. This workshops should be prescribed by the doctors"

Dance therapy Class

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